SOUTHWEST FLORIDA — Many people are now turning to IV therapy to boost their energy levels and immunity at the same time.

Like most working moms, Christie Smith could use a little more energy.

“I have three children, I run a business, and so keeping my energy up can be difficult,” said Smith.

Smith started sampling infusions in June at Vitality Infusions in Downtown Fort Myers. While she initially went in for the hangover treatment, she said she’s recently turned to their immune-boost blend.

“It’s important right now to be seeking out different ways to stay healthy,” said Smith.

Marketing Director and Registered Nurse Breen Nabors administers the treatments to customers. She said that given the pandemic, more people are looking to boost their immunity, just like Smith.

“The immune boost has Zinc, Vitamin C and B vitamins, along with the hydration of the bag,” said Nabors.

Dr. Jean Jacque Vel is the medical director at Vitality Infusions. He said injecting nutrients into your body is more efficient than taking them by mouth.

“When you take anything by mouth, it has to get absorbed through the gut and it has to get metabolized through the liver, that whole process is not as efficient,” said Dr. Vel.

He said you’ll absorb about 30 percent of the product by mouth, versus 100 percent by IV infusion.

“I was taking certain vitamins and supplements before, that I’ve been able to scale back on when I’m having my IV therapy,” said Smith.

For Smith, a visit to the infusion lounge twice a month is worth the time and money.

“I definitely leave her feeling more energized and ready to go on with the day.”

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