FORT MYERS, Fla. — From lions to dinosaurs and superheroes, trick-or-treaters filled the streets of local neighborhoods Tuesday night across Southwest Florida.

Kids and teens of all ages in our area got candy, spooked at different attractions, and had some good old-fashioned family fun for Halloween. But many adults celebrating the holiday were not trick or treating.

Mindy Marlin-Eichelberger owns Vitality Infusions, a small business in Downtown Fort Myers. The center provides different services for your pain.

“We have a hangover bag, which has vitamin C, it has a mineral blend, and it has b-complex,” Marlin-Eichelberger said.

It’s filled with the vitamins and minerals your body needs to get you back to 100% after a long night out.

“I have yet to have a client come in to get a hangover bag that hasn’t literally been wanting to crawl in the door, saying I have been vomiting for hours, I can’t keep anything down,” she said.

Her first client the morning after Halloween, had the foresight to make an appointment at Vitality in advance since he knew his night would be a wild one.

When drinking alcohol, experts say several things are working against us.

“Alcohol is sort of inflammatory number one, it’s dehydrating us, sometimes too much alcohol can lower people’s blood sugar a little bit so that can make you feel a little shaky,” said Erika Graziani, Outpatient Nutrition Program Coordinator for Lee Health.

A hangover from the night before can make it more difficult to get up and go to work the next morning. When we get dehydrated, we don’t only lose water and fluid, but we’re losing electrolytes which can make us feel even worse.

“Dehydration is really what you’re feeling the effects of when someone feels probably like the gentleman feels in there,” Marlin-Eichelberger said.

So what do you do when you wake up feeling like death?

“The next morning while it might not be something people would be thinking of wanting to do, actually having some breakfast and food is one of the best ways to try to help to feel better,” Graziani said.

Complex carbohydrates like toast or even oatmeal can help replenish what you lost. Of course, lots of liquids as well to help you hydrate.

“If you get tired of plain water, you can also do herbal teas and remember things like fruits and vegetables have a high-water content and those also contribute to staying well hydrated,” Graziani said.

An IV push is another alternative to help you bounce back. It’s fast and it doesn’t require any eating or drinking.

“We use a really small gauge catheter, we use like a 22, newborns we use 24’s, people come here, they want to get this done and they want the most minimal discomfort,” Marlin-Eichelberger said.

The infusions do come with a price tag. The hangover bag costs $200.

“They’re (clients) getting a liter of fluid, an IV push is up to 72 hours, it goes through your system right away, gets nutrients where it needs to go, and hydration,” she said.

Exactly what you need to bounce back.


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